Is your practice outgrowing your present facilities? Have your recently added a new dentist or hygienist to your practice? Do you plan to move to a new facility, expand your existing space or open a new satellite office?

True Form Designs can evaluate your dental office space and help you make the best use of it -- saving you time, space and money!

While many dental practices opt for a superficial 'facelift' to improve appearances, nothing takes the place of a comprehensive functional design analysis to improve efficiency, productivity and quality of care!

At True Form Designs, we are the experts in dental office ergonomics with over 2000 dental offices designed and 38 years of experience. We can facilitate your transition with minimal demolition, expense or interruption of services.

Contact us today for a free consultation for:

Relocation Services • Personalized Facility Planning • Expansions • Renovations • Tenant Improvements • Code Compliance Mandates • On Site Project Management • Pre-Claim Insurance Inventories with Photographs • Plans & Value Spreadsheets • Study Club Presentations • Dental Design Curriculum and Instruction • & much more
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